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1. Product Introduction
Nigeria Military Camouflage Uniform, is well-known for 2 colors, with BDU and ACU Style.

Hengtai Group produces Nigeria Military Camouflage Uniform with T/C 65/35 Or CVC 65/35. We devoted ourselves to Nigeria Military Camouflage Uniform since 2006, covering Nigeria Army and Police. We are expecting to become your long-term partners in China.

2. Product Specifications, Details, Application and Terms
ProductNigeria Military Camouflage Uniform by BDU ACU Style
Fabric CompositionAs per Army, Police requirement Or Budget, by T/C 65/35 Or CVC 65/35
Fabric Weight(GSM)About 210g/sqm
Fabric StructureMainly by Rip-stop
Types of Nigeria Military Camouflage Uniform by colorDark Green Camouflage and Light Green Camouflage
Pattern Of Nigeria Military Camouflage UniformBDU Or ACU
Data of Color Fastness, Break Strength, Tear Strength of Nigeria Military Camouflage UniformColor Fastness for Light, Rub, Wash by 3-5
Technical Parameters as per buyers.
Application of Nigeria Military Camouflage UniformArmy Or Police鈥檚 daily training, combat, on duty, etc.
MOQ.Of Nigeria Military Camouflage UniformIf no stock, then 3000sets

3. Product Qualification
ISO Certified Manufacturer and Supplier of Military Uniform.

4. Special requirement for Deliver and Shipping
For the Export of Nigeria Military Camouflage Uniform, China Government has strict requirement, importer needs to submit EUC from Nigeria Army Or Police Headquarter. We apply for Military Supplies Export License from China Government after payment is made, and one shipment, one License. Generally, it costs at least 1month.

Nigeria Government forbids to import Textile products, so before deciding importing Military Uniform from China, the importer needs to get confirmation from Nigeria Government first.

5. FAQ
Is it illegal to wear Camouflage Uniform in Nigeria?
Generally, Camouflage Uniform is only allowed to be worn by active Soldiers and Police

Can civilians wear Military Camo?
Generally, Civilians are only allowed to wear fashion camouflage clothes.

What are the main colours of Army Uniform?
Army Green, Camouflage, Digital Camouflage, Black, Navy Blue, Khaki Brown, etc.Military Clothing