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Company introduction:
1) What thicknesses of material can you do?
Normally: 140/150/160/170 grams
2) How many pieces you could produce one day?
We can produce 100,000pieces/day.
3) What is printing technology of RPET bags?
Silk-screen, heat transfer or sublimation printing according to design
4)Could you provide RPET samples? How could I get the samples? Do they need cost? Will I pay for the shipping fee?
Yes, we could provide samples, but we will charge sample fee, and mold cost if needed.
And you also need pay for the shipping fee.
5) Will your factory arrange inspection for all RPET bags products?
All of our final products will arrange the inspection as we think that quality is the most important thing for goods.
6) How much do I need to order? (What are the minimum order estimates?)
Our MOQ is 1000pcs, if the qty is lower than this, the unit cost will be much higher.
Environment-friendly polyester fabric:
(1) Recycled PET fabric (RPET) is a new type of environment-friendly recycled fabric, whose yarn is extracted from waste mineral water bottles and coke bottles and is also known as coke bottle environment-friendly fabric (RPET fabric).
This product because it is waste reuse, so in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States developed countries is very popular, widely used in halter top, shirt, skirt, children's wear, silk scarf, cheongsam, tie, handkerchief, home textile, curtain, pajamas, bowknot, gift bag, sleeve, fashion umbrella, pillowcase, pillow, and so on.
(2) Recycled yarn can reduce the use of oil, and each ton of finished yarn can save 6 tons of oil, making a certain contribution to reduce air pollution and control the greenhouse effect.
1. Sewing department,
2. Printing department.
Methods of beverage bottle recycling and recycling techniques
Bottles are cool beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, liquid food bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc., the materials used are polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and so on.
Mineral water bottles are usually made of PVC or PET, carbonated beverage bottles are made of PET, cool beverage bottles, liquid food bottles are made of PVC, PE, detergent bottles, cosmetic bottles, milk bottles, and lactobacillus drinks are mostly made of PE.
Bottle recycling all kinds of classes in general by the manual sorting first, and then according to the different material recycling, at present, there have been a lot of technology and equipment is used for all kinds of bottle recycling a class. Recycled PET bottles, PET bottles used for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite carbonated drinks, such as the current most is composed of PET bottles and HDPE bottle, bottle cap material, HDPE, trademark for two-way stretch polypropylene (BOPP) film, using EVA adhesive stick on the bottle, PET bottle recycling reuse way have regeneration after granulation.
Alcoholysis and other methods.
No matter what method is adopted, the polyester bottle should be separated from other bottles first, and the polyester bottle body should be separated from the bottom of the bottle.
Separation: mixing bottle by conveyor belt into the crushing machine, then by density separation.
(2) recycled granulation: recycled granulation can be used in the extruder.
The separated PET scraps are extruded into granules by the extruder. In order to avoid the drop of physical viscosity caused by water absorption during extrusion, the PET scraps should be dried before extrusion.
The USES of PET granules are as follows: a. the recycled granules can not be used in direct contact with food, but can be used in the middle layer of three-layer PET bottles to make carbonated beverage bottles.
B. Spinning to make fiber, recycled PET material can be used for spinning to make fiber, used for pillow core, mattress, sleeping bag, felt, etc.
C. Glass fiber reinforced PET has good heat resistance and mechanical strength, and can be used to make automobile parts, such as heat-resistant automobile wheel cover, whose thermal distortion temperature can reach 240 degrees.
Bending elastic modulus of 9500 MPa, the bending strength of 214 MPa, the impact strength of 15 kf/m2. D. blending modification, recycled PET feeding material with other polymer blends, produce all kinds of modified materials, such as with PE blend, but impact performance improvement of PET blend material, PE, PET for (10 ~ 50) : 90-50) : such as add a small amount of polypropylene, the dimension stability of the blend was obviously improved.
Due to the large polarity difference between PE and PET, compatibility treatment is required during blending. Generally, the compatibility is improved by grafting modification of polyolefin.
Ii. Addition of PVC bottles: the recycling process of PVC is as follows.
PVC bottle cleaning separation crushing fine crushing regeneration product PVC bottles first with steam and alkali cleaning and removal of the trademark, reoccupy machinery and artificial points first, after separation of the secondary crushing PVC bottles, finally have to fineness of 500 ~ 1200 microns regeneration, powder purity can reach 99.98% 3. PE bottle charge: used as the bottle material is given priority to with HDPE, PE have milk bottles, food bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc., after the separation, HDPE recycled bottle after cleaning by crushing material, use the following:
(1) the colouring coke bottle base (2) used for tube extrusion middle core layer (3) filled talcum powder or glass fiber manufacturing flower cups or plastic products.
(4) composite with the fiber, used as artificial wood, because wood fiber and HDPE compatibility is poor, so, need to add appropriate coupling agent or with activated wood fiber.
(5) manufacturing artificial gravel, the HDPE bottle into fine pieces or granular, and then, on the surface of the adhesive yarn, metal made of gravel, and then mixed with concrete or asphalt for civil construction materials.RPET Bags Made in China